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Huge excavators are at the center of the dynamism of the construction industry, behind the operation of which there are many small but vital details. From the motors of these giant machines to the tiniest bearings, every element plays a critical role in efficient work and reliability.

On average, up to 50 bearings are needed for the operation of an excavator, the main task of which is to withstand huge loads and ensure continuous, reliable operation. In construction processes, even a single bearing failure can cause serious delays and costs, so choosing the right bearing is crucial.

The bearings used in excavators include ball bearings, barrel roller bearings and needle roller bearings, which basically support the movement of machine axles and components.

But in addition, special bearings are also involved in the operation of the machines, including angular contact bearings and tapered roller bearings, which meet the special needs of excavators due to the specific load and operating conditions.

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The selection and application of suitable bearings is therefore crucial for the long-term and efficient operation of excavators.