About us

Why choose BEARING EXpress?

Because by constantly expanding our professional knowledge, we always provide our customers up-to-date solutions.

We are at home in the areas of bearings, roller bearings and ball bearings, ball joints, seals, lubricants, maintenance services and diagnostic services. Nevertheless, we are constantly working to supplement the professional knowledge of our employees with the latest information of bearings and bearing products.

Why ask from BEARING EXpress?

We provide news about the latest market informations so that our customers can be informed, too.

In our newsletter we inform all our dear partners about the new parameters of bearings, ball bearings, lubricants, seals and other bearing products, market information and the latest diagnostic services. Find out what’s new, Bearing EXpress helps you!

Why buy from BEARING EXpress?

Because we are the official distributor of many international bearing brands in Hungary, so we offer the products at competitive prices. In addition, we deliver from stock within 24 hours.

Surely it is important for you to reach the required bearings, lubricants, sealing time and quality, to develop the Bearing EXpress wholesale network, which allows you to be a satisfied owner of quality ball bearings, rolling bearings, plain bearings, linear bearings or even complex bearing tools!

Why trust BEARING EXpress?

Our company has been an integral part of the hungarian bearing market for almost 30 years. Based on our professional experience gained during this time, we are developing our logistics and IT background to provide the best possible services to our Partners.

Bearing EXpress bearing wholesaling, rolling bearing distribution, service, maintenance and diagnostic services strive to be as reliable as possible, providing up-to-date information to its current and future partners. See for yourself!