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Bearing heating is a useful technique for professional bearing fitting, as heating helps to facilitate the fitting of bearings onto the shaft or housing and can reduce the risk of bearing damage.

The video below shows the fitting of a 24128 CC /W33 spherical roller bearing. Weighing 13 kg, the bearing is heated to 110°C in about 3 minutes by the Simatherm IH 210 induction bearing heater with a power rating of 11.5 kVA.

The IH 210 induction bearing heater is particularly suitable for mounting large bearings, from 60mm inner diameter up to 640 mm outer diameter. When the target temperature is reached, the workpiece is automatically demagnetised, ensuring that no metal shavings or other contaminants can enter the bearing.

Simatherm induction bearing heaters are equally suitable for mounting any bearing series, regardless of brand.

If you need to heat smaller workpieces, you can easily find the right one for you in the selection table below.