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You can save money and time by checking the parts, relubricating them, or replacing worn parts. Take a look around us and choose the bearing unit that suits your application depending on the use, installation dimensions and operating conditions.

What else should you pay attention to?

  • the need for sealing,
  • load type, level,
  • corrosion protection

Maintenance tip: To re-lubricate the parts (bearings, chains) many machine owners chose the automatic lubrication system solution, because this way they did not have to worry about lubricating the parts during work, but there were those who were more of a stickler and preferred manual greasing, but the trend shows , in addition to choosing quality parts, their maintenance has also become important. When replacing the bearings, it is important to keep in mind that they must function reliably even under extreme environmental conditions.

For more information about bearing housings and units, take a look at our online store or contact our expert colleagues!

Bearing housing types: base housings, flanged housings, tension housings, plate housings

Y bearings have a convex shell, they can absorb the axial angular deviation that occurs when the bearing housings are fixed