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SKF created a new product with only the modification of the tapered roller bearings with an excellent, robust seal (SKF CR seal). The bearings mounted in this way are able to operate flawlessly in a polluted environment for more than 600 hours – 10 times longer than any competitor’s product. With this innovation, SKF has greatly extended the life of its new tapered roller bearing and increased its performance.skf-kupgorgos-csapagyegyseg-tomites

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A mounted tapered roller bearing, also known as a type E bearing, is used when increased thrust is required with limited axial movement. This makes it suitable for demanding industries such as mining, aggregate production and the cement industry. Possible applications also include material handling equipment such as processing machines including grinders, shredders and mixers, conveyor and wood processing equipment, pulp and paper, metals and food processing.
These units usually fail for one reason: a seal failure. By improving sealing performance, they can be designed for much longer life – extending service life and increasing reliability.

Customers operating this type of machine generally accept that the ingress of dirt will inevitably lead to premature failure. By combining the expertise of bearings and seals into a single unit, SKF has succeeded in overcoming this.
The CR seal offers a number of lines of protection against dirt. The use of hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR) resists abrasion and high temperatures, while the entire outer diameter of the rubber improves the static seal inside the housing. The multiple sealing lip eliminates all types of dirt, including mud, water, sand and dust. The seal allows the bearing to be relubricated without the risk of damaging the sealing lips.
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