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New simalube generation

The automatic lubricators simalube, which have been tried and tested millions of times on the market, have been redesigned in the spirit of innovation and the constant improvements we are striving for. The gas generator, the heart of the automatic lubricant dispensers, has been completely redesigned. The fresh, modern design offers improvements in many respects regarding function and handling. What has remained is the extremely reliable drive technology using gas producing dry cells. The generated gas builds up the overpressure in the dispenser behind the piston, which automatically, continuously, and reliably presses the lubricant into the lubrication point. Compared to its modest size (comparable to a hearing aid battery), the cell produces a considerable amount of gas and delivers this on demand without an external power supply. Thanks to this innovative technology, simalube lubricators are unique in terms of function, compactness and versatility.

simatec App “simatec World of Maintenance”

The “simatec world of maintenance” app is your personal assistant for efficient and connected maintenance monitoring. The app is the overarching platform to control simatec products, another step in taking simatec customers into the digital future. Currently, the app can be used to monitor lubrication points, create lubrication schedules, and calculate the correct settings of simalube lubricant dispensers. In addition, simple videos show the correct procedure for initial installation and replacement of the products.

The app can be easily installed via the stores (App Store and Google Play). After a simple registration process, it is immediately ready for use.

simatec is continuously developing the “simatec World of Maintenance” app, adding new features on an ongoing basis and thus constantly expanding the range of products.

Correct lubrication of bearings

The selection of the right lubricants and their delivery to the lubrication points in a suitable form and in the right quantity is essential and is becoming increasingly demanding. The selection of the lubrication system is therefore of crucial importance ; it must be made according to the requirements. Today, expensive high-performance lubricants of the latest technologies are increasingly used for lubrication. It is all the more astonishing that relubrication is mostly done by hand and only 5 % of all lubrication points are equipped with an automatic system.

Obviously, there is a lot of catching up to do here, be it retrofitting or initial installation. In both cases, the automatic simalube lubricant dispensers from the Swiss manufacturer simatec are the ideal solution. The customer can choose the sizes, lubricants and running times of the dispensers and thus obtains the tailor-made solution for every lubrication point.

Each lubrication point is independently, reliably and continuously supplied with the amount of lubricant pre-selected by the customer. The lubricators generate exactly the pressure required to deliver greases or oils to the lubrication points. Segregation of oil and thickener is avoided, the consistency remains constant and the freshly supplied lubricant unfolds its full performance at the lubrication point. Wear on components is reduced, unplanned downtime is avoided and maintenance intervals are extended. The elimination of manual lubrication also saves valuable time and thus money.

The simalube automatic lubricant dispensers are available in five different sizes. The delivery rate can be adjusted continuously, with running times from 1 – 12 months. This makes the simalube lubricators an all-rounder when it comes to lubricating all types of bearings, chains, open gears, guide rails, spindles and much more. In addition, simalube lubricant dispensers are tested and approved according to ATEX and IECEx for all Ex protection zones.

Simple, fast and safe bearing handling thanks to simatool

The availability and optimal utilization of production facilities are the most important factors for the profitability of companies. Production and resulting yield losses due to unplanned plant shutdowns are no longer tolerated today. In order to reduce unwanted failures and allow planned maintenance intervals to be as long as possible, preventive measures must be taken. Rolling bearings are used billions of times worldwide and have become an indispensable part of mechanical engineering. Expectations of the service life of such bearings are correspondingly high and the service life depends on various factors.

The aim is therefore to implement the entire process of bearing dismounting, handling, mounting, lubrication and monitoring quickly, safely and easily. This is where simatec’s innovative solutions can help.

What can a Bearing Handling Tool (BHT) do and what are its advantages?

The Bearing Handling Tool is ideal for the professional and safe lifting of large and heavy bearings. With the BHT, you avoid the risk of accidents and the risk of damaging the bearing. The simatool Bearing Handling Tool consists of two handles, two rotating handles and steel straps that enclose the bearing on the outer ring. By evenly tightening the handles in the two support arms, the steel bands are fixed to the outer ring diameter of the bearing. The two anti-rotation devices prevent the inner ring from swinging out in the case of angularly movable bearings (self-aligning ball bearings). Two opposing handles and two carrying straps allow easy handling with a lifting crane. Bearings can be placed on a shaft with the Bearing Handling Tool in both horizontal and vertical positions.

The bore remains free, so the bearing can be easily pushed onto a shaft. Additionally, the fixation of the bearing allows a more precise positioning. This guarantees simple, fast and safe bearing mounting on shafts. Simatec offers three different Bearing Handling tools with a range from 200-700 mm. All three variants are tested and certified by TÜV SÜD.

Can simatherm induction heaters be used in combination with the Bearing Handling Tool?

Simatherm heating devices efficiently heat rolling bearings and other ring-shaped metal parts. They enable quick and clean assembly and replace conventional heating methods such as hot plates, hot oil baths, open flames and ovens. During the heating process, only the workpiece heats up, but the device remains cold. The combination of the induction heating device and the Bearing Handling Tool guarantees efficient, fast and safe mounting of rolling bearings up to 300 kg.

simatec – your reliable partner for maintenance products

The use of simatec maintenance products significantly increases the quality of maintenance work and makes processes simpler, safer and more economical. This is how you successfully implement your maintenance processes:

Use simatherm heating devices for mounting rolling bearings: The best method for achieving/adjusting the correct heating temperature is to heat the bearing with a simatherm induction heater. The desired temperature can be set precisely and the heating process is continuously monitored. Once the workpiece is warm enough, it can be easily mounted without any effort.

Use simatool quality tools: Correct mounting and dismounting is crucial for a long service life of your bearings. Professional tools such as bearing pullers or bearing mounting tool sets from simatec ensure safe mounting and dismounting and reduce the risk of damage. simatool tool sets are the perfect solution for professional mounting and dismounting of rolling bearings.

Lubricate your equipment with simalube: The supply of lubricants at the right time and in the right quantity is crucial and very demanding if the service life of your components is to be extended. It is important to select the right lubricants and supply them to the lubrication points in the appropriate form and in the correct quantity. The simalube automatic lubricant dispenser is the perfect solution to meet these tasks.