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Igus polymer bearings are lubrication- and maintenance-free, and their ecological footprint is much lower than that of its steel replacement products.

Ideally, the bearing operates in a completely sterile environment where no dirt or other contaminants can enter in it. However, there are very few such applications in practice. More typically, the bearings must be able to withstand a variety of contaminants, dust, and even chips. In this case the bearing requires constant lubrication and maintenance, which can result in high maintenance costs.

Igus has been developing and manufacturing motion plastics products for more than 50 years. “Motion plastics” is a brand created by ingus for moving parts made of high quality polymers with a low coefficient of friction. The use of motion plastics products also offers several environmental benefits. Plastic products have an extremely moderate impact on our environment throughout their life cycle. 50% less mineral oil is used in the production than similar products made of steel and 70% less than if the same product were made of aluminum. Knowing that around 54.4 billion tonnes of lubricants are released into the environment each year, igus’s non-lubricating polymers make a significant contribution to protecting the environment.
Igus polymer bearings are lubrication- and maintenance-free, even if the bracket is made of metal. Igus has developed new iglidur J high-performance plastic bearings for precisely these metal-bearing systems.

New sheet metal self-lubricating bearings significantly reduce maintenance costs. In addition, this new material prevents dirt and dust from accumulating in the bearing. This is a significant advantage in terms of wear and avoids unexpected machine downtime. Igubal bearings are injection molded and are economically advantageous.
They can be installed in a few seconds in place of ball bearings in existing standard metal housings, or can be purchased with an affordable plate holder.
The plastic bearing has a high abrasion resistance and a very low coefficient of friction in dry operation.
Currently, igubal bearings are available in three sizes for low-cost sheet metal housings (Ø20, 25 and 30 mm) and injection molded housings (UC204-210).

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