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The pandemic places new demands on the maintenance of production equipment and machinery, as their availability must be ensured even in these difficult times. Many facilities in areas such as food production, recycling, wastewater treatment, energy production and raw material extraction continue to operate at full capacity.

Unplanned failure of the machines would cause additional problems for the operators, so re-lubrication of the bearing points should be continuous. Insecure spare parts supply chains to production halls or difficult access to production halls exacerbate the problem due to security measures and travel restrictions that have been put in place.

SIMALUBE lubricant dispenser

The SIMALUBE automatic lubrication system has been developed to ensure continuous lubrication. The lubrication points are automatically lubricated at a pre-set running time, which can be adjusted from one to 12 months. During this period, maintenance personnel are not required to perform mandatory system checks. The larger the dispenser you use, the longer the mandatory inspection date can be extended.

Secondary line of defense

If maintenance workers are quarantined, they will not be able to replace the lubricant dispensers at the scheduled time and a system left without lubrication can easily fail. To avoid this, the following section shows you how to build a secondary security line that does not increase operating costs after the initial installation.

Guaranteed emergency lubrication with multiple adapters

The same lubrication point can be equipped with two or four lubricant dispensers at the same time instead of one. A 2 or 4 way adapter is used for this. In this case, the dispensers are set to twice or four times the operating time, so that the original amount of lubricant remains at the lubrication point.

The dispensers can also be started with the “half time – delayed” setting. This method guarantees that in the event of a delayed dosing change due to a coronavirus, at least one dispenser will continue to lubricate and the lubrication point will continue to supply at least half of the lubrication volume so that the machine does not run “dry”. For the “delayed” operation, we recommend the installation of non-return valves or SIMALUBE IMPULSE. The latter already has built-in non-return valves. This allows the dispensers to be replaced without grease leakage, even under back pressure from the lubrication point. All these methods further increase the reliability of SIMATEC products.

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