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Our partner, Enilive Ausztria GmbH, which primarily deals with the production of lubricants in a wide variety of industries, tested Eni’s patented HVOlution (hydrotreated vegetable oil) fuel in cooperation with the Austrian post service.


HVOlution is the hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) produced by Eni, a diesel fuel that contains 100% renewable ingredients. Full-value fuel refined from plant waste and other plants not suitable for food. When used, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by up to 90%.
HVOlution consists of a mixture of stable, non-hygroscopic paraffins, so there is a fairly low chance of bacterial contamination. Due to its nature, it can be mixed with a large percentage of fossil diesel fuel, even in a much higher proportion than the 7% allowed for conventional biodiesel (FAME) by the European standard EN 590. Free of aromatic and polyaromatic substances and environmentally harmful compounds, HVOlution meets the requirements of the European standard EN15940:2023 for paraffinic diesel fuel (XTL) derived from synthesis or hydrogenation.

Enilive – Österreichische Post cooperation

During the test, the commercial vehicles of the Austrian Post covered more than 200,000 kilometers. During this time, they were refueled more than 100 times exclusively with HVOlution fuel.
Based on the results, the test was successful! No negative effects were observed.
One thing is for sure: whatever the future of mobility looks like, HVOlution will support the reduction of CO2-equivalent emissions in the transport sector.