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The new igubal ® bearing units are maintenance-free and a cost-effective alternative to classic cast iron bearing housings.

Engineers often draw inspiration from nature to create new materials. This is how wood became the design basis for igus’ new igubal ® bearing housings. Flattened rays provide maximum resistance to mechanical stress. Bionic-shaped housings made from the high-performance materials of an international leader in the mobile plastics industry require no lubrication or maintenance.

Molded bearing housings with metal ball bearings quickly reach their limits in dusty, wet and dirty environments. Whether in the augers on the conveyor belt in the cement plant or in the field in the tipper trailers of trailers, they are prone to failure. High levels of dirt and improper lubrication are responsible for 80% of early bearing failures. In addition, there is a constant risk of corrosion.

Lubrication-free bearing inserts made of high-performance plastic solve the problem. Igubal ® polymer bearing units in standard sizes of 20, 25 and 30 millimeters allow quick, one-on-one replacement. Double and four-hole flanged bearings are also available in 20, 30 and 40 mm sizes.

Igus engineers use two strategies to ensure that plastic units are robust enough in industrial applications:

  • The first strategy is based on working with fibers and fillers that reinforce igubal ® plastic to withstand high surface pressures and edge loads, even under continuous use.
  • The second follows a natural pattern: following the bends of the tree like the connection between the branches and the trunk or its pattern where the tree is firmly fixed in the ground. The design is particularly efficient and robust.

The designers optimized the shape of the notches in the housing and eliminated constant rays to distribute the stress more evenly. This makes igubal ® bearing housings extremely flexible.
Chemical resistance, corrosion resistance and dirt resistance ensure that iglide J tribopolymer bearing inserts have a significantly longer service life than metal bearings in many customer applications. In addition, the lack of lubricants reduces maintenance and cleaning requirements and enhances environmental protection. There is no lubricant in any part of the system that could be released into the environment or the product.

Moreover Igus is constantly expanding its igubal ® range

Igus is not only expanding the igubal ® product range with new bearing units and flanged bearings. Three bearing inserts are also available in the market with 1, 1.5 and 2 inch inside diameters.

If you are interested, please contact our colleagues with confidence!