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Fast and economical work is the basis of modern harvesting, and agricultural machinery is an indispensable element of this. These machines have to work in extreme conditions, they are constantly dirty, which can cause wear and tear of bearings and components. Lubricating the bearings with the appropriate frequency and amount, as well as the appropriate grease for the area of ​​application, is of fundamental importance. The usual practice is manual relubrication of bearings, but continuous relubrication and automated lubrication (Simalube) have many advantages.

Reliable: Once it’s installed, lubrication points are reliably supplied, providing continuous lubrication. Empty grease cartridges can be refilled with the proven lubricant.

Flexible dosing period: The dosing period can be set between 1-12 months.

Easy to install: Simalube is ideal for application in hard-to-reach places, especially in places where points are usually forgotten.

Environmentally friendly: Rechargeable, contains no toxic substances

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