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Machine downtime is every company’s nightmare, because it only takes money. Choosing the right product will increase the performance of the equipment, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

The manufacturer NTN-SNR pays special attention to increase the service life of its bearings, so that they stand their ground even in the harshest environment, and in the design they take into account the restrictions and limitations that industry professionals have to face. Including: high humidity, temperature, small particles, high pressure washing, detergents, etc.

Save time and money with increased and easily predictable production cycles. In the food industry, not only proper production is important, but also all food industry regulations must be met during production. Working together with leading food and beverage manufacturers, NTN-SNR has developed the following bearings specifically for food.

Plastic (thermoplastic) bearing units: these bearing units are lubricated with food-grade grease to guarantee a clean production environment. Their construction prevents the accumulation of dirt. They can be completed with a closing lid for even better protection. Designations: GNP, GSF, GSFT

Stainless bearing units: offer the highest level of corrosion resistance thanks to premium quality steel. It can also withstand higher loads than thermoplastic bearing units. Also, as in the previous case, they are lubricated with food-grade grease. Designations: SUCP, SUCFL, SUCPA, SUCF, SUCT

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