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Simatherm’s new generation bearing heater ensures professional and clean installation when installing small and medium-sized workpieces.

Just like its predecessors, the IH 045 makes changing bearings a breeze. The already proven induction heating heats the component to be installed to the desired temperature in minutes, and the magnetic temperature sensor provides continuous feedback on the state of heating.

The IH 045 is also equipped with a second temperature sensor, with which we can monitor the temperature of the outer ring of the bearings. The programmable electronics automatically take care of the temperature difference between the outer and inner ring. In order to be able to choose the optimal heating speed for each application, the heating intensity can be adjusted in eight steps. When the desired temperature is reached, an acoustic signal warns, and the automation keeps the component waiting for installation at the right temperature, thus avoiding the burning of bearings. At the end of the sequence of operations, it prepares our bearings for smooth installation by automatic demagnetization.

The IH 045 can be used with internal diameters from 20 mm to 310 mm with the help of replaceable brackets and openable support legs, up to 45 kg workpieces.

Due to its weight of 17 kg, it can be easily moved around the workshop, so after heating, our parts can be installed immediately without cooling down.

For the first time on the market, the built-in wireless bluetooth connection enables real-time control via the dedicated phone application. At the same time, we can monitor and record the bearing heating process to create an assembly report or to document other quality assurance tasks.

Simatherm IH 045’s easy handling and efficient functions make it a workshop favorite immediately after its first use.

We deliver from stock, so you can use it within 1 working day!

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  • Connection to the “simatec World of Maintenance” application
  • Remote controller
  • For roller bearings weighing up to 45 kg For workpieces with an internal diameter of 20-310 mm
  • Available for voltages of 100, 115 and 230 V 8 levels of energy consumption and smaller clutches allow smaller bearings to be heated safely and quickly with less energy
  • Extendable bearing support arms
  • Particularly compact design – it weighs only 17 kg including the yokes
  • It can heat a 28 kg bearing from 20 °C to 110 °C in 20 minutes, thus saving time and energy
  • Automatic demagnetization


  • 1x simatherm IH 045
  • 1x Quick User Guide 1x temperature probe
  • 1x protective gloves
  • 1x power cable
  • 1x 14×14 yoke for bearings with a bore diameter of 20 mm
  • 1x 28×28 yoke for bearings with a bore diameter of 40 mm
  • 1x 42.5×42.5 yoke for bearings with a bore diameter of 60 mm