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Where manufacturing takes place, there are moving parts. Where there are moving parts, continuous lubrication is required to prevent the damage of bearings and chains. SIMALUBE automatic lubrication systems offer an economical and reliable solution for this.

Lubrication of manufacturing equipment is often time consuming and even requires several hours of downtime to complete the job. Lubrication points are often difficult to access, which can be dangerous for maintenance personnel. In addition, if this work is omitted or shifted for some reason, serious damage can occur to components or even the equipment. Furthermore an unexpected downtime can lead to high maintenance costs, too.
SIMALUBE’s automatic lubrication system provides a solution to these problems.


Key benefits:
It only needs to be installed once, then only the empty cartridges need to be replaced or refilled
Cartridges are available in different sizes, so you are guaranteed to find the optimal choice for your equipment
• They can be filled with any lubricant with NFS cetrification
• The cartridges are refillable to avoid unnecessary waste
• A single cartridge can supply one or more lubrication points
You set the timing and the quantity of the lubrication
A single cartridge can supply a lubrication point for up to a year, but the system can be designed to lubricate the same point with multiple cartridges. This method ensures continuous supply of the lubrication point even in the event of a missed cartridge replacement.
• Thanks to its intelligent system, maintainers are alerted when the lubricant in a cartridge is low
• Thanks to the additional brushes, the chains can be lubricated and cleaned at the same time

Regroup valuable manpower for tasks that are more useful in terms of productivity, and entrust lubrication to SIMALUBE automatic lubrication systems!

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