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HIWIN has added a new modular building block system to its CG series. This further extends the range of applications for linear guideways.

HIWIN CG linear guideways are characterised by high precision and load carrying capacity. Thanks to the 45° arrangement of the O-arranged ball tracks, the CG series can take loads equally in all directions and provides maximum torque load capacity. This is particularly advantageous for single-conductor applications.

Part of modular building block system:

  • Cover strip: for fast and durable sealing of fixing holes
  • Sealing system: prevents dirt from entering and lubricant from escaping from the ball tracks of the guides.
  • Cover plate: protects the moving parts of the linear guide.
  • Long-time lubrication unit: continuous lubrication increases the useful life of the unit by up to 5 times.
  • Integrated impact measuring system: turns a conventional linear guide into an intelligent guide. A magnetic strip in the profile rail allows the on-board readhead of the guide to determine its exact position.

The benefits are clearly visible:

  • The mechanical linear guide rail can be quickly and easily converted into an intelligent guide component with highly accurate, integrated distance measurement.
  • Depending on the application, additional sealing units, cover plates and lubrication units can extend maintenance intervals to achieve maintenance-free lubrication.

Put together your precise, maintenance-free linear profile rail package optimised for your application HERE or ask our expert colleagues for help!
You can also choose a profile rail in a custom size.

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