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The bearing industry strives to adapt flexibly to the needs of the market and we can safely state that as many engineering inventions are born, as many bearing variations can be expected in the market as new problems require new solutions.
Here are some helpful ideas to consider when choosing a bearing. Following these few tips will make it easier to navigate the maze of huge selection.

Choosing the right bearing and lubricant combination is perhaps the first and most important task. This will guarantee a long and flawless bearing life. The selection process is more than just looking at the grease recommended by the manufacturer, but it is not a bad starting point either. The exact mechanism of operation of the machine must be known in order to determine what criteria the particular bearing must meet. The most important of these is knowing what material it should be made of, what temperature it should withstand and what will be the right lubricant to operate.

If you have no idea what type of bearing you need, the right question to ask is: What is the bearing for at all?.
Under what conditions (speed, temperature) and under what external conditions will it operate? How much pollution is in its environment? Does it need a dust cover? These are crucial issues, as even the best quality bearing will not work properly if the conditions are not ideal for the type you choose.

How to choose the best bearing then?
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