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SKF’s propulsion marine power plant will be installed in the Scottish Sea to generate electricity by using the energy of tide.

Today, it has become a global goal to shift from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy sources. In order to reduce climate-damaging CO2 emissions, slow down global warming and build a more sustainable future for the next generations. This effort also supports the development of tidal energy.

The tide is due to the gravity of the Moon and Sun and the rotation of the Earth around its axis. This can mean level differences of a few cm to several meters.
With the help of SKF’s modern technology, in addition to the sun and the wind, we can now also use our tidal energies. The strongest currents are generated between the islands, where tides and waves “get stuck”. In the case of the Orkney Islands, this is all the more true, so the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC) is also conducting its experiments with tidal power plants here. Today, EMEC is the leading test centre of tidal and wave energy projects in Europe.

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