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The consequences of bearing failure can be very serious, especially in terms of costly downtime due to unplanned maintenance. The failure can also cause damage to other components of the application, which is why proper maintenance of all bearings is essential. Our company offers a wide range of bearings of various types and brands, so selecting the appropriate bearing can be quickly resolved. As we have products in stock, you can pick them up the same day or we can arrange delivery for the next day.

Unplanned maintenance and downtime

The impact of machine downtime can be severe as it results in production loss. Important deadlines may be missed, which can have detrimental effects on delivery contracts. Since downtime leads to production loss, it also means a loss in revenue.

Replacement parts are easily obtainable either through our online store or in person, but it still translates to hours of downtime, even if the replacement is done early in the day. Therefore, it is better to procure multiple pieces of replacement parts to minimize unexpected downtime as much as possible.

Damage to other components

Another significant consequence of bearing failure is that it can damage surrounding or connected components or equipment. This includes items such as shafts, electric motors, and bearing housings. This additional damage can be caused not only by the bearing failure itself but also by the unexpected and often rushed maintenance performed as a result of the failure.

To limit potential damage to other components, it is important to immediately stop the application as soon as suspicion of bearing failure arises. After confirming the failure, all connected components or surrounding equipment should be thoroughly inspected for any signs of damage.

Of course, it is much better to proactively monitor the bearings and ensure timely replacement before they reach the point of failure.

Here's how you can increase the lifespan of your bearings:

You can significantly increase the lifespan of bearings with the following solutions:

  1. Proper bearing installation
  2. Professional assembly
  3. Regular lubrication
  4. Operating according to specifications
  5. Periodic inspections

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